Monday, November 5, 2007

A holiday trip to Jakarta, Indonesia!!!

Today started off just like any other random monday (blues).. Duhz.. Reckon perhaps I got up from the wrong side of bed or something haha. Well well well, here I am in Jakarta, Indonesia! My insanity and excitement drives me a lil' too crazy and I got to tell you that I've made this last minute arrangement while I was in the shower and wanting to make this trip everyway possible (that's if i can get away with family, school and work). I was in the cab early noon returning from North Point, Yishun after grabbing a RED N76 from M1 for Erny (my Indonesia girlfriend).... * To Be Continued... really exhausted from the flight... haha...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


~ You know you're in love when you

see the world in his eyes,

and his eyes

everywhere in the world. ~

LionCity : "World Youth 10 Dance Ballroom & Latin Competition"


Certainly, it has been awhile ever since I freed myself and sit back to do some serious handling to my blog. Absolutely no idea what I was occupied with lately, can’t seemed to find myself some time for coffee or do some shopping with my girl friends. Miss you so much Elynn and Calist! =( Will prolly catch up with them tomorrow or the weekend. Can’t wait for another treat to Hello Asia Spa at Paragon for a release, it’s awesome you have to believe me =) was there a month back with David, Elynn and Kay Kay after the filming of Season 2 “Deal or No Deal”.

us in that unsightly oversized wear! haha!


Glen Myles, CEO and Publisher of “STUFF” Magazine Singapore approached me last Saturday and gave me an amazing opportunity to appear on cover of the gadget magazine. As it is the month of festive season, that is Christmas, I am joyfully overwhelmed by the concept of the shoot. It’s gonna be very Xmas-ssy with Red/Black/white as the main theme color.

Initially, I was reluctant about the offer due to an agreement between Mediacorp Studio and the engaged talent (me) which states;
“The talent undertakes that she shall not, at any time during the term of this Agreement, make appearance in, on, or for any publications, magazines or any other print media (whether online or otherwise), other than in, on or for the Programme’s official magazine.”
Thereafter I rang the Event and Marketing Manager of DOND to discuss about the situation and to my pleasant surprise, she was contented after negotiating some terms with Glen and made the shoot possible.
Now, here’s the toughest decision, Photoshoot on Monday 29th October. Deal or No Deal? Hehe. After little consideration and I took up the offer and everything’s set and on the go. I am so excited!

Monday, 29th October, 1pm

B-Scene Studio, River Valley Rd

Photographer: Nick Scaturro

Lovely Makeup artist using "Make up Forever"


Stylist using UnderCoverWear

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Best of FHM Global Girls Next Door


Fans of Girl Next Door, our annual cover girl search is just around the corner but in the meantime here's something to whet that appetite, we give you
Best of FHM Global Girls Next Door in newsstands on Oct4.
Our sexy kitten, Hannah Lau aka GND07 1st runnerup aka Singha Cool babe aka Deal or No Deal suitcase girl #20 aka soon to be on season2 of Deal, is on the cover.
Trust me you so wanna get your on hands on this special collectors volume,
min words just pure pictorial of Girl Next Door around the world.
Gen, our kittens blog mistress and our gnds from the last 2 years is in there as well.

Hear Hannah on 987 Muttons to midnight
"Catch of the week" this thurs, 4th Oct 11pm onwards.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

ROXY Fragrance Launch

15th September 2007
ROXY Fragrance Launch
Cafe Del Mar, Sentosa
(Sun Sand Sea)
It was a delightful weekend at Cafe Del Mar, Sentosa.
The main attention was
the ROXY fragrance which bares a fruity-hula scent,
enormous Roxy Fashion showcase, the lovely host Andrea Fonseka,
gorgeous celebrities and people in their skimpy bikinis
and cool board shorts,
sizzling iced Bacardi drinks, gigantic hot dog buns and chill live grooves from the band.
What can you ask for more…?
It’s party time!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Check out
releasing 3rd Oct.
Hear me "LIVE"!
Tune in to 98.7fm on
Friday 5th October, 12am - 2am.
"Catch of the Week"
promoting my cover magazine
Love it!